Yogapiphany Wellness is now…….
mighty yoga

On 10/1/15 Yogapiphany merged with Mighty Yoga

Now offering you 2 locations: Lebanon & Hanover and over 40 classes per week!

Click Here to View the Lebanon Schedule

Click Here to View the Hanover Schedule

We appreciate all of your patience during this transition and we hope to make this a seamless for you as possible. However, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out to Nicole Carriere, owner Yogapiphany at nicole@ypwellness.com or 603-290-2900.  

A few FAQ’s & Updates: 

Class Pass Holders:  

Class Pass holders as of 9/30 were updated with what we have called a “YP Transition Pass” in the Mighty Yoga system.  In doing this we upped the value of your remaining classes based on the $7 value. 
Example: If you bought a 10 class pass and on 10/1 you have 5 classes remaining we will take the value of your remaining; which in this case is ($100/10) x 5 remaining classes = $50 value/$7 = 7 (rounded) so you will gain 2 additional classes on 10/1.
If you had a pass you would have received an email showing the purchase of a “YP Transition Pass” at a $0.00 value. When I sent these I was also under the impression that it would indicate the number of remaining passes, however it did not. To view the number of remaining classes on your pass you can log into Mighty Yoga’s system with the same username and password that you had with YP. 

You can login HERE. 


“YP Transition Pass” vs. “Community Pass”

If you had a class pass under YP on 9/30, then your pass transferred to a “YP Transition Pass” that can be used at the Lebanon or Hanover locations for any classes.  Once this pass expires you can then purchase a “Community Pass” at the $7 rate as a 5 or 10 class pass.  The“Community Pass” can only be used at the Lebanon location and for the Community classes at the Hanover location. If you want to attend other classes at Hanover with only a “Community Pass” then you can purchase a separate class pass that will be good in Hanover for any Non-Community classes. 

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